1st of March NEWS

Our next Pinch Punch video will arrive on the 1st April (I promise this won’t be an April Fool).

Seta White by Fatimah Namdar

Meanwhile, we have some exciting news, which is that we’re planning to stage live scenes from our story and we’ve teamed up with director-actor Seta White to hatch a plan. More soon…

Ziazan has written half of the libretto for this already, so I’m figuring out how to set the first bit for our April film. It will gradually depict the metamorphosis of an isolated woman into believing herself to be an ‘enchantress’ from a folktale, and in doing so she will lose her ability to speak, and only sing like a nightingale.

I feel that we need to set the beginning of the libretto as ‘realistically’ as possible. That is, she mostly speaks, and when music plays it is happening in the ‘real world’ not in her head. In that vein, I want Ziazan's opening quatrain to be set as a folksong on the radio to which the 'enchantress' could sing along:


Enchantress: (singing with folksong)

Nightingale, you sing my sorrow,

Nightingale, you feel my pain,

You alone know if tomorrow

The banished sun will rise again.


I already sketched this melody in our first little video last month (below). I'll aim to make it less 'free' and more folky for the first encounter with the song as a recording.

Later in this bit of libretto, the woman catches herself talking aloud and alone:


Why am I talking to a bird?

Or am I talking to myself?


I'd like to begin by setting this moment to music with levity so that later we feel the gravity of her situation. Interacting with beats on the radio, she may find herself rhythmically repeating her words for her sole amusement.

When I’m alone, I sometimes improvise aloud the most noisy things in my head.

I wonder if that’s how Louis Cole came up with ‘Bank Account’. When I first heard it, it sounded just like my brain…

Anyway, these are just my first ideas, and by the 1st of April they may have changed. Hopefully something of them will make their way to a live performance soon, with Seta's help...

Thanks for reading. Have a mad March!



Seta White, photo by Fatimah Namdar

Bank Account, by Louis Cole

Pinch Punch imagery and animation by Martha Orbach ('Nightingale' and 'Mountains')

Pinch Punch libretto by Ziazan Horrocks-Hopayian

Pinch Punch music by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

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