1000 Songs LIVE!

You didn't hear from us on the 1st July — and the reason why is very exciting. On that day we launched a crowdfunding campaign for our live performances. We have been invited by Mosaic Collective to present scenes alongside some of their work at Grimeborn Festival. The dates are 18th and 19th August — put them in your diary now!

This is the first step to something much bigger — namely, a three-act opera, titled '1000 Songs'. We are currently working on Act 2 (who says you have to start at the very beginning?). It opens with the Mob, as you heard in our video from April. At this point the Enchantress (played by Ziazan) is isolated and vulnerable. She thinks she hears the nightingale voicing her guilty conscience. A young man comes to steal the nightingale, but can he go through with it?

We are delighted to be joined by Abigail Kelly as the Nightingale, and Msimisi Dlamini as the Prince.

We are very lucky to have the support of St Sarkis Charity Trust and AGBU London Trust, and if we reach our crowdfunding goal (as I write we are less than £500 away), we will also receive a generous grant from Arts Council England. There are some fantastic rewards available if you want to support us. Check them out here.

On Monday we embark on our R&D week. We will keep you updated on our progress, so keep checking back for insights into the research and development process of an innovative new opera!

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