Snape Maltings and NEW VIDEO!

We had an intensive week in residence at Snape Maltings to consider how the Armenian folktale, ‘The Nightingale of 1000 Songs’, could be retold by drawing from local concerns about the environment and its endangered species.

We were in the Kiln Studio in the new Hoffman building, and we had a lovely group of people who came to our open session on the final day.

We have yet to digest and evaluate it all with everyone involved in 1000 Songs. So, meanwhile, please enjoy the music video of our R&D, with Ziazan singing the "Enchantress Aria" for BBC Radio 3.

I've also finally printed and posted the artwork to our Kickstarter backers who bought a "bar" of the opera. I think it turned out well! I'm chuffed to see happy patrons framing their copies.

The artwork includes a musical setting of Ziazan's text, sung by the Nightingale: Mistress, dangerous enchantress

that caged thyself when thou caged me:

let me sing my mournful song.

Thou will not be free as long

as I am held by thee.

I actually have some left for sale if you missed the boat. All proceeds go towards the project. Head over to

That's all for now, we'll get back in touch on the first of next month!

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